Nixen Back Smith, Noble Park.

SINCE ’94.

Our Ethos

Skateboarding has long lost it’s ‘fad’ tag and is now part of our cultural and sporting landscapes. CSP believe that the funding allocated to building skateparks should be used absolutely to further the development of skateboarding. We view skateparks as not simply an area to keep kids occupied, but a place a place for kids and adults alike to push themselves in a creative and healthy way. Unlike other pursues that only cater to a limited age group, skateboarders range in age from kids that just learnt to walk all the way through to folk in there 50s-60s devout to the ride and grind. A legitimate life-long love that is great for mental/physical health, bringing together community and now with the industry booming and the Olympics including skateboarding as a legitimate ‘sport’, there is more opportunity than ever for our young talents to build a career doing something they love. That’s why skateparks must be designed specific to skateboarding in order to stand the test of time, provide safety to the users and progress our young athletes.

Paddington Skatepark 1994

Paddington Skatepark, 91

The very first park ever built by CSP, progressive for it’s time as one of the first skateparks in Australia to incorporate street inspired elements. This park set in motion the new wave of skateparks we see today.

Rob Lewers

Rob Lewers

Founder, Owner, Designer, Engineer, Builder

With four generations of civil engineering and construction, I guess you could say concrete is in our blood. Concrete Skateparks came to life in 1994 when twenty one year old Rob Lewers, with a passion for skateboarding and a strong engineering background, saw that skateboarding was changing on a global scale and Australia had nothing to facilitate this ‘new wave’. Gaining a contract with Brisbane City Council and contracting an initial crew of five, Paddington skatepark was born. This park stayed relevant and at the centre of the Brisbane skateboarding scene for over 20 years, until recently being revamped with modern building techniques, though still based on the initial design.

Since that first build over two and a half decades ago, Rob has been a massive part of the growth and evolution of Australian skateboarding, partnering with councils and organisations to build over 300 skateparks Australia wide, constantly striving for innovation even if it came at a cost, donating his own time and money for the better outcome of numerous projects. As well as generously giving back to competitions, skateboarding magazines and DIY projects, a genuine supporter of the Australian skate scene and pioneer builder/engineer.

Today CSP has multiple crews that travel Australia building the highest quality and largest facilities in the country. All while continuing to be family owned and operated with the same values we were founded on. There’s no signs of slowing down either with Rob’s sons, now in their early 20’s, taking the knowledge handed down to them and stepping up to run their own projects.