Concrete Skateparks crew constructing a skatepark



With over 25 years and 300+ contracts of skatepark design & construction experience, we have the expertise to exceed in every aspect of what it takes to make a skatepark great, making it easy for you and your organisation to get the job done, in any particular facet or from start to finish.

With complete safety & quality management systems, our team of expert builders, designers, engineers & project managers have done the hard yards, so you don’t have to.



What are the desired outcomes? What type of facility is going to be the most beneficial for your area/budget? Whether it's a rural park for punters of all skill levels and disciplines or a professional competition standard facility in the metropolis, our expert team have a long and proven history in aiding our clients to optimal conclusions. Short and long term positive outcomes are also possible due to the ability to work in collaboration with the community through initial design workshops to enable their insights and capabilities to shape the built space.


"Concrete Skateparks have delivered countless projects in a 'design and construction' capacity. All over Australia, featuring a range of sizes and types. Through these experiences working together and many more, we thoroughly understand the importance of the design stages and its value in creating a long term successful facility. For us each project is completely specific responding to the site and defined by worlds trends and importantly the communities expectations. The projects offer local identity. The deliverables of these stages are consultation documents, reports, concept designs, costings, contract documentation and engineering certification." -Wade Trevean, designer 'EastbyWest'

Engineering & Construction

Design is just the first step of the process, however the most crucial aspect of building a skatepark is making sure it is integral and structurally stands the test of time. A very strong background in civil engineering, mixed with a passion for skateboarding and design are the biggest attributes to the success of CSP. With our extensive arsenal of heavy machinery and equipment, we can take on any job large or small.

Landscaping & Detailing

As skateboarders, we love the look of some beautifully catered concrete on its own, but we also know that not everyone is the same. Which is why every good park needs some colour, texture and art infused. Talk to us about bringing your idea to life. We also like to incorporate a touch of natures elements to our parks, but when implementing plants, grass and other natural components, we understand the importance of using low maintenance species and materials keeping the skatepark clean and safe for the users.


We see skateparks as a healthy environment of expression, exercise and community. A new park will automatically be a place for all of the above but we can get it kick started by facilitating skateboarding workshops, giveaways/prizes from our sponsors and demos from our professional skateboarder ambassadors. Activating the space is a huge part of why we love to do this.